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Affordable Office Cleaning Services in London

Get professional Taskrs office cleaning Services

Get the same cleaner every time upon request

High-quality verified equipment's

Antiviral Sanitization for the high-traffic areas on request

Booking on same day through phone call

No minimum contract, Available on same day


Focus on your business goals and leave your office cleaning to us.

Taskrs Office Cleaning Services is built on reliability, reputation, and trust, and our experts know very well the importance of clean and fresh working environment.

Our experienced office cleaning team can help you to create a clean and healthy work environment so your employees can focus on what’s most important: running your business. We offer customizable solutions with daily, weekly or bi-weekly visits to suit your needs. Professional office cleaning not only ensures a sterile environment, but also reduces sick leave and increases overall productivity. We understand how important it is to maintain a hygienic environment. Trust us to provide excellent service to all your customers while also keeping your workplace clean.

Insured and Qualified Office Cleaners Near You:

The London office cleaners we work with are vetted and undergo extensive training before being hired. They are insured and their work is closely monitored by quality control managers who ensure that our commercial cleaning services for business customers deliver the best possible results.

Office Cleaning depend on your Specific Needs:

We create a customized plan for office cleaning service according to your facilities, business scale,  and cleaning needs. You can choose the cleaning session frequency, be it daily, weekly, bi-weekly or fortnightly basis.

The Same Cleaners Every Time:

Having the same office cleaners every time allows them to become familiar with your property and your specific needs. If you would like to change your cleaner, we will always happy to provide you the new cleaner.

Additional services for commercial office cleaning:

In addition to our regular office cleaning services, we can also provide office carpet cleaning, office window cleaning, and office upholstery cleaning. If you think these services could be useful for your workplace, please let us know. We will arrange everything.

Trusted Account Manager:

To ensure excellent service, we have appointed a dedicated account manager who is available for contact when needed and he will keep you updated on the progress of your service.

No minimum contract:

No obligation. You control what you get and what you pay. We do not bound you by any contracts. You are always in control of the services you receive and pay for.

Availability on Short Notice:

Same-day office cleaning service available upon request. Please let us know.

The Trusted Office Cleaning Company London for Businesses

Taskrs professional office cleaners work with experienced and adapt all kinds of professional properties, including small and big office buildings, retails spaces, shops, and many more.

Since, our aim is to provide the best possible office cleaning results in London. When making a reservation, please let us know your requirements as specifically as possible. Here are the areas that commercial office cleaning focuses on and the different tasks cleaning companies take on.

  • Cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes.

    Cleaning of bathrooms and toilets.

    Cleaning the balcony and replacing garbage bags.

    Cleaning of interior windows (accessible areas).

    Office Equipment Cleaning

    Floor Care – Mop or use specialized hard floor cleaning equipment as required.

    Daily watering of plants – on request.


Additional commercial contract cleaning services we can offer for your office:

In addition to regular office cleaning, we offer several other services that can benefit your workplace. If you need it, give us a call:

  • Office Carpet Cleaning – If you need professional carpet cleaning, let us know. While you can vacuum your workplace carpets and keep them looking their best, this service does not include a high-quality steam treatment as standard. All professional cleaners use specialized equipment and modern methods to keep your carpets and rugs in top condition.
  • Office Window Cleaning – On the other hand, we can also help you to clean your office windows inside and out. A water supply pole system is used up to the 4th floor of the building. On upper floors, rappel equipment is used to safely clean all windows in the building.
  • Office Upholstery Cleaning – Do you have a couch, sofa, or other furniture that needs cleaning? At TASKRS Cleaning services, we know how to clean fine upholstery, including dry foam and leather upholstery. If you have any query, please contact us through a phone call.

About TASKRS Cleaning companies near you

  • experienced and certified cleaning professionals.
  • Well organized, efficient and courteous.
  • Handle your belongings with special care.
  • Must follow the approved agency checklist for cleaning.
  • Liability insurance with a coverage limit of up to 03 million.
  • Expert in using suitable cleaning methods and detergents.
  • The cleaners were selected and interviewed personally, and Check DBS record.
  • Technicians equipped with latest and processional high-quality tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will you provide office cleaning service?

A: Cleaners follow a priority list determined at the time of booking. Please be sure to contact us in advance if you have any special requests.

Q: What about the cleaning products and materials?

A: If you get the services fortnightly or weekly basis then we ask you to provide the cleaning materials and equipment’s. We can email you a list of the usually required materials. Further, we can provide the cleaning cloths and liquids on your request for an additional charge. Make sure you have a designated space to store cleaning supplies and equipment. For daily office cleaning, please request a quote for the provision of cleaning materials and equipment.

Q: How do you verify the office cleaners?

A: We check the ID’s and DBS check and before hiring we conduct the interviews to make sure, we are working with reliable people.

Q: Can office cleaners clean exterior carpets and windows?

A: Office cleaning service does not include exterior window cleaning or carpet washing, but for these special tasks, we can arrange separate professional services. Taskrs office cleaner can just hoover the carpets and clean the windows from the inside.

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Q: Is it possible for me to get the same office cleaner during every visit?

A: Yes, Absolutely, we can make arrangements accordingly. We kindly request you adhere to the specific days and times per week so that we may schedule your preferred cleaner.

Q: What will you do if the office cleaner damages something?

A: If the cleaner of the office causes any damage, we will make every effort to provide you compensation.

Q: What are the payment options for the office cleaning service?

A: You can pay via bank transfer, standing order (weekly or fortnightly), or direct debit (weekly or fortnightly). Contact our team to provide your banking information. Additionally, we accept credit card payments; notify us a day in advance with your card details before the scheduled cleaning of your office.

Q: How many times should I have to clean my office?

A: We offer a customizable office cleaning service to ensure that you receive the right solution for your requirements. Our clients belong to a variety of industries and requirements varies accordingly : some demands daily cleaning, with multiple passes per day, while others wants only weekly service. Doesn’t matter  what’s your budget, our team will help you to determine the best possible package according to your requirements.

Q: Will your cleaning create any disturbance in the office work?

A: Our operatives are highly skilled and equipped with knowledge on executing their duties while minimizing disruptions. We’ll work within your staff’s business hours as well, maintaining continuous workflows without interruptions or delays. With our services in place, you can operate smoothly and effectively throughout the day.

Q: Can I ask for a different cleaner?

A: Yes off course, if you prefer to have a new cleaner, we will arrange the new cleaner for you.

Q: What will you do if the office cleaner is not available?

A: A: In case the cleaner is not available, we will notify you and arrange someone else or reschedule your job.

Q: What will you do if we are not satisfied with your office cleaning service?

A: Well, in that case, a Quality Control Manager will be sent to evaluate the situation. If required, another cleaner will be offered as replacement.

Q: If I am not available and don't need the office cleaned then what will happen?

A: In this case, We will not charge anything but make sure you will inform us at least two days in advance.

Q: Do you have any hidden charges?

A: Absolutely no, Our pricing policy is completely transparent.

Q: How much time do you need to clean an office?

.A: The duration for cleaning an office varies, depending on different factors like it’s size, office activity, frequency of schedule cleanings as well as the general condition. To get a free accurate cost estimation, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Sir K K
Sir K K
Mr Yinka and Zed did a fantastic job.
Pitar Pitar
Pitar Pitar
Appreciate the quality we received from the company - end of Tenancy House deep cleaning. Definitely will recommend you guys! Good prices and top quality!
jessica NAJ
jessica NAJ
Just using this cleaning service , very professional and I can confidently say that they never disappoint ,and their rates were very reasonable.” Excellent job! Thank you so much Yinka & team.
Isle Lin
Isle Lin
真心好服務👍🏻,住喺倫敦嘅人都應該習慣當地嘅人嘅闊佬懶理問題有幾嚴重。 我本來上網約左另一間做end of tenancy cleaning,但對方因為貓毛過多而選擇唔處理,直接走人,仲要等我打去問做成點先話佢唔做。 好彩上一年搬屋果陣認識咗Taskrs老闆,我完租約前一日臨時急call佢幫手,佢半夜一點幫我check間屋情況,第二日全日開工做到半夜,清理地氈同全部嘅嘢好乾淨,屋主一take pass無問題🤟🏻呢間清潔公司嘅好服務令我對英國嘅公司改觀。
kanwal tehseen
kanwal tehseen
Yinka has kindly come around on a very short notice and performed a brilliant job. He deserve the money he asked for. I shall consider them for future work definitely