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Carpet Cleaning Services

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning services

100% Green Clean micro-splitter technology (No Detergents)

Carpet sanitisation kills 99% of germs (FREE)

Same-day and real-time bookings are available

Expert cleaners for delicate fabrics

High-end professional and latest equipment


Why you should choose our carpet cleaning service?

The carpet cleaning professionals are recognizable with all sorts of carpets and floor coverings. They will carefully review your things and decide how to clean them best.

you can Book time and day on the phone call that suits you best.

Certified & fully insured carpet cleaners

The carpet cleaners are fully certified and well trained to clean all type of rugs or carpets right and bring back their shine.

Latest and very professional machines

We use the professional equipment’s and most effective carpet cleaning techniques to deliver amazing results in no time.

Removing the most common stains

It doesn’t matter if it’s drink or food stains; after the service, your carpet may look almost as good as new.

Amazing results for all types of Rugs and Carpets

Our cleaners know very well how to clean all types of fabrics because  to their experience, so you can trust on our helpful service.

What can get with our carpet cleaning service in London?

Hot-water extraction carpet cleaning

The hot water extraction method involves injecting hot water mixed with a natural solution into the carpet under high pressure. All water and dirt are sucked out by a special machine. After work, clean the floor with a detergent to prevent water from spilling onto the fibers. The effect lasts for up to 6-8 months.

After your carpet has been professionally cared for, you can use Scotchgard™ fabric protector for long-lasting results.

This applies  to  hot water extraction cleaning methods as they are not suitable for dry carpet cleaning. Scotchgard™ is a special spray solution that prevents water, dirt and grime from adhering to floor coverings. This will help keep everything you need to prevent and keep your site fresh and clean.

Approximate drying time: 3-6 hours.

Applies to: Fabrics made of synthetic/mixed fibers (microfibers, synthetic fibers, polyester) or wool fibers.

Please note: We do not offer steam carpet cleaning. There are different methods of steam cleaning and hot water extraction. The second method is to be more effective whenever necessary. We cannot  100% guarantee that points will be deducted.

hot water extraction carpet cleaning
Wool-Carpet-Dry-Cleaning services London
Dry Carpet Cleaning Services London

Dry carpet cleaning

The Dry cleaning methods are best for cleaning carpets made from organic, soft or water-based fabrics. These fabrics are easily damaged by water, so it is a poor way to restore their beauty. Depending on the fabric, the carpet cleaner will choose one of the following methods:

Powder Carpet Cleaning – Carpet cleaners apply a dry powder detergent and then use a special machine with a slow-rotating brush to apply the detergent to the fibers. The cleaner sticks to the dust and then cleans the floor of all the dust and dirt. Delicate rugs: Dry cleaning is best for silk, velvet, 100% cotton and viscose. Detergents are gentle enough not to damage the material, but strong enough to clean. First, clean the carpet to remove dust. Dispense the water into the spray bottle and wipe away the solvent with a terry towel. We use a velvet lint brush to finish the job in one go so you can get it right.

Immediate drying time: Immediately after treatment.

Ideal for: Natural fabrics such as hemp, sisal and jute. Also recommended for cotton, silk, velvet, oriental and Persian rugs.

Note: This cleaning method is good for cleaning soft carpets and rugs, but keep in mind that it cannot remove stains.

Professional Cleaners

Meet the Fantastic carpet cleaners near you

  • Highly trained and insured specialists.
  • Dedicated, punctual, hardworking carpet cleaners near you.
  • Fully trained cleaners equipped with
  • Professional machines and always use the top-quality cleaning
  • Detergents safe for child and pets.
  • Experienced in selecting the suitable cleaning method according to the your carpet material.
  • Pre-treatment of stains in high-traffic areas and dedication to the details.
  • Free antiviral sanitisation and fabric protection provided for your satisfaction.
  • FREE air mover for quicker drying time.
  • There is no additional charges for weekend or  holiday events.
  • Combo services are available. You can renew all your furniture in one visit by combining a carpet cleaning session with laundry, leather furniture cleaning or bed cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does carpet cleaning hot water extraction work?

A: Known as the Hot Water Extraction (HWE) technique, this method is also known as “steam cleaning”. Although more advanced than regular steam treatments, the pressurized hot water extraction (PHWE) Procedure uses very high pressure for agitation, and hot water to enhance the reaction rate. Here’s how it happens:

1. A high Quality unit “injects” hot water steam (HWS) deep down to the very fibre of your textile floor covering.
2. Simultaneously, a suction attachment is at work to get rid of up to 95% of wetness and dislodged unsanitary agents. Deep carpet cleaning is appropriate for Fabrics made of synthetic or woollen fibres. How much time it take to dry the steam cleaning carpets? Approximately 4-6 hours.

Q: What will you do if my carpet or rug is damaged?

A: Accidents can happen any time but you don’t have to be worried. Luckily, Taskrs Cleaners are 100% insured so you will be fully compensated in case your carpet damaged or you don’t get the desire results.

Q: Which types of carpets and rugs do you handle?

A: At Tasker Cleaners, we clean the wide range of both carpets and rugs like Persian carpet cleaning, oriental, Tibetan, Pakistani, runners, Moroccan, area rugs, circular rugs, sculptured and many more. Can’t find yours? Just call us and ask.

Q: How much time required for my carpet dries after steam cleaning?

A: If you have a carpet of woollen fibers, then it can take up to 4 hours. Apart from that, it should be about a couple of hours. We can also offer a free Air mover on your request to speed up to drying, especially if there’s no air circulation.

Q: What type of detergents do the carpet cleaning professionals use?

A: We resort to safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions with a proven effective results that are completely harmless to both humans and pets. Also place a safety note, please make sure to avoid stepping on the carpet until it’s fully dry, to avoid slips.

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Q: Do you have the insured and reliable staff?

A: Yes, A: Yes, of course. It’s applies to all Tasks Cleaners. The technicians for carpet cleaning are also very Professional, Highly trained, and certified. They arrive with fully branded vehicles, equipped with professional toolkit, and wear Taskrs uniformed and IDs.

Q: How does dry chemical or low moisture cleaning procedure work?

A: Here is working procedure for dry cleaning:

1. The Cleaner apply a special dry chemical solution and rubs it in with rotating brushes of the machine.

2. Any dirt particles that exist in the spaces between the fibers are chemically bonded to the powder.

3. Then our cleaning agent leave the soil for loose up, so that it may be extract more easily.

4. Then the cleaner vacuums your carpet to suck the both dirt and powder.

5. Dry chemical cleaning is very effective for removing 99% of allergens and refreshes any rug or carpet. 

Q. Do you require the time for drying?

 No. after the dry cleaning service, your carpet will be almost ready immediately and you can use it.

Q: Do your carpet cleaners also move the furniture?

A: Yeah, Mostly, In Professional carpet cleaning needs a single cleaner but still The cleaner will help you for moving light-weight furniture as possible.

Q: What are your work Timing?

A: Taskrs provide the cleaning services 7 days a week, even we work on public holidays as well. Also, we can book the evening appointments. The Taskrs carpet cleaning services are available in London and all surrounding areas.

Q: Which type of detergents use by your carpet cleaners?

A: Our Carpet cleaners always use eco-friendly and 100% safe cleaning solutions with a proven effective results. It is harmless for both pets and humans completely.

Safety Note:  Please don’t use the carpet until it’s fully dry, to avoid slips.


Sir K K
Sir K K
Mr Yinka and Zed did a fantastic job.
Pitar Pitar
Pitar Pitar
Appreciate the quality we received from the company - end of Tenancy House deep cleaning. Definitely will recommend you guys! Good prices and top quality!
jessica NAJ
jessica NAJ
Just using this cleaning service , very professional and I can confidently say that they never disappoint ,and their rates were very reasonable.” Excellent job! Thank you so much Yinka & team.
Isle Lin
Isle Lin
真心好服務👍🏻,住喺倫敦嘅人都應該習慣當地嘅人嘅闊佬懶理問題有幾嚴重。 我本來上網約左另一間做end of tenancy cleaning,但對方因為貓毛過多而選擇唔處理,直接走人,仲要等我打去問做成點先話佢唔做。 好彩上一年搬屋果陣認識咗Taskrs老闆,我完租約前一日臨時急call佢幫手,佢半夜一點幫我check間屋情況,第二日全日開工做到半夜,清理地氈同全部嘅嘢好乾淨,屋主一take pass無問題🤟🏻呢間清潔公司嘅好服務令我對英國嘅公司改觀。
kanwal tehseen
kanwal tehseen
Yinka has kindly come around on a very short notice and performed a brilliant job. He deserve the money he asked for. I shall consider them for future work definitely